License Server Down - Last call for an official statement

Of course there are bugs. I don’t expect companies to always make bug-free software, that’s not realistic.

But this particular problem has been known about for years. Literally. So it’s really not good enough to not have fixed it by now, and to continue to take money.

Sure these people may be able to get their license back (if they registered them), but why should they have to go through that trauma?

Steinberg makes a promise when they advertise a product and take your money. They are not fulfilling on that promise. If that’s ok with you, you will hopefully accept that it’s not ok for a lot of other people.

I would hate to be behind YOU at a red light. Would you panic and throw a tantrum until it changes?

Not a clue why you’ve asked me that as i’m not the one getting in a rage, but it’s made me laugh - so thanks :slight_smile:

if it really was production critical work, who would be updating to 11 on day one!? :open_mouth:

its funny how its almost steinberg exclusive that users have developed a “never update right away” mentality. i have over 1000 different softwares on my macbook, incl. vst’s and different apps. all of them are on autoupdate. never, literally never do i have any problems with updates…only with cubase, exactly 2 times a year. well, for what it’s worth. 10.5 has been a problem since it was released, so yeah it is almost cubase exclusive and mac users know that it’s overdue that we do not defend steinberg for no reason, especially if after doing the same mistake 30 times it just feels like they are fckn with us :slight_smile:

When exactly do you think we should update? sure, when doing production critical work not a great time. But it seems to be a bit of a lottery. Should we wait one day, two, thirty? ninety?

The answer is you wait until any issues you encounter post update/upgrade will not affect your livelihood or productivity in a major way - including issues with activation.

If that is 1 year, then you wait 1 year.

so in other words we should all presume Steinberg will mess up, that activation will screw up and that we can’t rely on them to do anything right?

I guess we’ve been spoiled by every other software vendor who doesn’t have problems like this. So it’s a bit of a booby trap.

Yes, you should always presume this.

And scores of other software developers have had these problems, this is why businesses don’t upgrade their software on day one. Smart businesses, anyways.

If you make your living using software like this, then you need to treat yourself like a business and think like a business. Is a few shiny features worth being out of commission for a day or two should any issues like this happen? If so, then you take the risk. If not, then you wait and see how it pans out for those who were bold enough to take that risk for you.

You are acting like problems like this are unprecedented. This is not the case. This is part of the reason why people not only dislike dongles, but also internet based activation. Servers can go down, get swamped with demand/traffic, get DDOS’d, etc. This may be the first time you’ve suffered to these problems, but it’s far from the first time it has happened.

here’s some food of thought, based on what a few people here said before already:

there is no “never upgrade when working on crucial projects, just do it in your free time” argument for some professionals. this is just pure BS and i’m pretty sure it never comes from somebody working 365 days a year on high profile projects. for some people there just is no “off-time”

Let’s take for example the Multitrack incl. Busses & Sends Function that just has been added to Cubase, which is amazing!
Here’s the catch though:

To this day i had to manually solo all the stems i wanted to bounce incl. Effects, Routings etc. This sometimes takes up a few hours, especially for Extended Live Mixes for TV Shows.
With this function promised in the 11 update the 100eur update price is a freaking STEEL to me and most professionals.
Can you imagine not having to sit by the Computer soloing hundreds of Tracks one by one in 5 min intervalls in order to get all the stems? Steinberg just promised us this function and this would have saved me at least 4-5 hours of manual bouncing today.To be completely honest, i would have paid 300eur for the update just so i can save those 5 hours.

You either get it or you don’t. Added value is a real thing fellas :slight_smile:
Stop screaming “be patient”. To you it might just be waiting a few days for the update to go through, but for some people this could have been a paid 5 hours job.

This is not a new Game released on the Playstation, this is a Pro Software so let’s start treating it as such.

It is not hard to install upgrades on secondary machines and test them before putting them on your production machine.

Responsible businesses do not just throw Day 1 releases (which had little to no public beta testing) on their machines to risk their ability to work. No one does this.

Artists want to be treated like businesses, yet still act like hobbyists.

Cool PlayStation analogy, tho…

Waiting a few days to dodge server issues and testing software before throwing it onto your production machine - whenever possible - is part of your job, unless you want to hire staff to do it for you. So, it’s not a matter of finding time to do it… You make time where possible to do so. People in other professions work overtime, too…

Some people let the community do this for them :wink: Those are the smart thinkers.

Actually I agree with you about the mission critical don’t mess with it if you need it approach.

However your point about this not being unprecedented is exactly my point. Why haven’t they fixed it? It’s been going on for years. It’s because they are still using the same system. It’s probably like the installer. The good programmers get to work on the core software. The crap ones are put to work on installers, and licensing systems.

Saying it’s unprecedented doesn’t mean it has happened to Steinberg before.

I am saying that instances similar to this have happened in the software industry, which is why the generally accepted guidance is to not upgrade day 1 and let others be the guinea pigs.

And everyone knows about server swamps because it happens routinely. Many companies this year that have had sales/promotions saw delays in getting licenses deposited into people’s accounts, had servers/websites that became unresponsive, etc.

Waves, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, etc.

Right now, you can’t even log into the Steinberg site to purchase the upgrade, so that will mitigate some of the damage, at least.

it works now…

(subjective opinion - they limited the license thing because too many would download the whole software and content in one go… they have always wanted to do their own thing and i assume that they did that so that there would be no hiccups with the DL speeds of the actual software/content this time…)
(- think apple ios updates that dont install right away, )

but idk, things seem smooth now…=)

not so smooth. I can do eLicenser maintenance tasks fine, but can’t process download code. Get “kein AC” which from my school german means no AC. Maybe the AC went off in the server room.

I apologize to you. Yes, you are the one saying to be patient as the light will soon change. I read the posts in a haste and got frustrated at everyone being so impatient and making such a huge deal out of a busy server on opening day. :blush:

Same here… Purchased Cubase 11 update… Got the activation code… Tried to enter it on the My Products page and am getting “kein AC”… Not sure what to do next.


i wasn’t talking about risking your main machine i was talking about new features that save people time which can’t be used immediately due to server problems :slight_smile:

“kein AC” - can this mean invalid activation code (i.e. Not an Activation Code)?

The Activation Code isn’t he correct number of digits to register in eLCC, and it also throws an error if you try to register it in the Download Assistant.

It will really suck if a ton of people got invalid activation codes, and now have to wait for Steinberg’s slow support to sort this out…

This launch has truly been an abject failure, truly. It’s going to generate so much negative organic press for them within the production community that whatever they added won’t even register to many people. Hatred for the Dongle/eLicenser is going to reach an all-time high, and this will be a reference event for many people for years to come.

Yeah I think they had some problem issuing the codes. Just a hunch. Could be a nightmare getting it sorted. Support put me off just long enough to go off shift as well.