License Strategy For Cubase & Vienna Ensemble

Ok, so I have purchased a Cubase 12 Pro license to be used with Vienna Ensamble 7 Pro as a “backend”. I do have most of my sound libraries on an external 2TB Samsung SSD USB drive.

Currently I have everything installed on one desktop machine although I would like to move VEP to a second “monster” machine which I happen to have in the room. (Because I use the first desktop for software development and things crashes every now and then, which then also brings down VEP and… you get the idea).

+ Laptop
I would like to be able to use Cubase also on my Laptop while having access to my libraries located on the 2TB USB drive.

Locating License

I have one iLok stick (enabling VEP). Cubase is currently authorized directly on the single host machine.

A potential problem in splitting things up (VEP to another Desktop & using Cubase also on a Laptop) could be the iLok stick which currently enables (only) the VEP server.

As I understand it, if I want to be able to use Cubase on two machines (desktop + laptop) I would need to use the iLok-dongle to authorize Cubase. That would mean that the iLok-dongle be moved from the VEP host, but then the question is, would VEP still recognize iLok if it is located only on the DAW client machine (enabling Cubase), or the other way around; would Cubase recognize the iLok-dongle if its attached to a separate VEP-server? In short, do I need two (2) iLok dongles to support such a separated configuration?

When using the Laptop detached from my home-network I would connect the iLok-dongle (or both of them, if that’s what required for the network solution for VEP) and the 2TB USB-drive directly to the laptop.

I presume I could use VEP directly on the Laptop if using smaller templates on the VEP server (the Laptop has 32GB ram).

Anyway, some of you must have had the same problem, so I would like to hear your advice about how to configure everything in the most optimal way. Or should I drop the idea of using Cubase also on a Laptop?


you don´t need the dongle for cubase 12 in any of those machines :wink:

Ok, so Cubase can be installed and used/authorized on multiple machines, that’s good to know!

// Rolf

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Just to clarify further, Steinberg never used iLok, they used eLicenser for their products up until the release of Cubase 12 and is a separate USB dongle. iLok licenses can’t live on a eLicenser dongle and vice versa.

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