License transfer and discount to upgrade from 8 Artist to new Pro?


I just bought a copy of Cubase 7 Artist from someone but apparently they forgot to unlink the license from their account before sending it to me, and as a result I can’t add it to mine.

I have made a support ticket about it last Sunday and still no reply from Steinberg, which is kind of disappointing, since it said: “we will reply within a few days”.

Could it be that the license is so old that they decided to ignore my support ticket?

In the support ticket I kindly asked Steinberg to help us transfer the license to my account if the person who sold me this copy of Cubase would agree to it via email.

I was hoping that once I get the license transferred to my account I would get a discount when upgrading to a Pro version. When I insert the USB dongle, the eLicenser says that it’s a version 8 of Cubase Artist, so apparently they must have upgraded it back in the day from version 7.

Is Cubase 8 Artist too old of a version to get any form of discount when purchasing a new Pro version of Cubase (version 12 or 13)?

Thanks for your time

Do you still have a way to contact the seller? That person really needs to delete the registration of the USB-eLicenser from his/her MySteinberg account before it can be registered in yours.

One way or another, this is the upgrade you would need …

I hope you didn’t pay more than $250 for the old Artist 8 license.

Apparently you and the seller didn’t follow the guidelines of the Resale Wizard …

How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard) – Steinberg Support

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Thank you for the reply.

Do you think it’s possible for us to transfer the license to my Steinberg account without having to physically send the USB Dongle all the way back to the seller?

Yes. The seller just needs to have access to the MySteinberg account containing the USB-eLicenser registration and “Delete registration”.


After this has taken place, you should be able to register the USB-eLicenser in your account.


Thanks for the reply, I will get back with the result

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This issue is finally solved. I had to call their support and get them to transfer the license manually because the seller didn’t have access to his old email anymore.

But I really appreciate the replies, so thank you!

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You mean “you” didn’t have access to “your” old email anymore? I was wondering why you needed to take this to private messages. After you told me that “I don’t have any Steinberg products yet, so I don’t know what the Steinberg account menu is supposed to look like, let alone what to look for to delete a license.” I got a little skeptical, but still genuinely wanted to help. Now I realize you have been a forum member since 2011 and apparently are familiar with at least a few things Cubase related.

Summary - Aleque - Steinberg Forums

Anyway, thanks for wasting my time! :bomb:

Nope, I was talking about the seller who just could not admit right away, that he was selling Cubase, even though he didn’t have access to his old email, and therefore could not access his Steinberg account and delete his old license (so I could take it over).

I also asked him at the very end, why he was selling Cubase without having access to his mail and his Steinberg account - it was like selling a car without keys. His reply was, that he didn’t expect it to cause so many problems. And he suggested to give me my money back, if I sent Cubase back to him, but since I got it for a good price and I alredy spent several weeks stressing out about this thing and getting annoyed, that he just could not do a simple thing, I thought: nope, I am not giving up now.

So I posted him the step-by-step guide you provided, so he could do it himself, because I was tired of him delaying, procrastinating and avoiding to admit the simple fact - that he simply did not have access to his old email and his Steinberg account associated with it. He wrote to Steinberg support, but they did not reply. So I got restless and took the matter into my own hands and called them instead - and they fixed the problem in only a few minutes.

The seller really annoyed me by wasting my time and energy and by avoiding the truth (maybe because he was ashamed of his mistake). I gave him a link to this topic as proof, that he can delete his license without me having to send the USB dongle all the way back to him, and without Steinberg’s support-reply, that we waited for over a week. (This is before I found out, that he didn’t have access to his old email and therefore his Steinberg account containing this license)

I didn’t want him to read things about himself like: “He doesn’t seem to be the smartest guy”, that I wrote to you in private. When the issue was solved (after my call to Steinberg), I called him and we cleared the air and were glad that it was finally over, but I am still annoyed that he didn’t just come clean about him not having access in the first place - could have saved us tons of time, energy and sanity.

So, you are saying that one is only allowed to use the forums on the condition that you bought Cubase have a registered license in your account?

I created an account to ask questions on forums about a DAW that I was strongly considering to purchase. It’s an expensive DAW and I wanted to know a few more things about it before pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Yes, I didn’t have any products registered, until yesterday. So what? I was still able to post on the forums without any registered products.

I didnt know it was a waste of time to help someone in the forums to clarify a few things.

And according to your logic, someone can only know about a software if they already own it. What about Youtube tutorials, reading official forums, reddit posts, using software trials and maybe even borrowing a copy from a friend?

I find it silly, that you seem to think that I lied to you - that I told you, that it was mé who had a license for sale. I honestly can’t see any benefits for me to even lie about something like that.

I am sorry for reacting the way I did. I wish you the best in your future Cubase/Steinberg journeys.

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It’s all right - just a simple misunderstanding. And thanks again for all your help :smiley:

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