License transfer failed - Cubase 5

I’ve just bought used Cubase 5 original with license USB dongle (that bigger), and then I bought brand new elicenser from Steinberg.
I’d like to transfer Cubase license from the old elicenser (It’s used and surely it’s registered by another user) to my new usb dongle. When I try to transfer I get an error message “at least one of elicensers used during this process was disabled and cannot be used for any license transactions”…
I tried other computers / usb ports - the result is always the same - can’t transfer the license…
Could You help me and tell me what i’m doing wrong?

Your statement… “It’s used and surely it’s registered by another user” would be worrisome to me. Did the person you got the CB 5 from follow the Steinberg resale wizard instructions? And are you following the USB transfer instructions. See both links below.

Good luck.

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Does Cubase 5 run? It sounds like you either bought a stolen eLicenser or the previous owner scammed you by activating Steinberg Zero Downtime after selling it to you. As far as I know, Zero Downtime basically bricks the lost eLicenser to ensure that thieves can’t use it.

I recommend creating a MySteinberg account and contacting support directly. Let them know your eLicenser number and provide all the proof you can that you bought this eLicenser from someone. They should be able to tell you if this eLicenser was reported as lost.

Buying old software is risky, not to mention that newer versions of Cubase are several times better than Cubase 5. If you manage to get a refund on this, look into buying a newer version of Cubase from a more trustworthy seller. You can run all older versions of Cubase if needed.

Thank You so much for fast respond!!!

Yes , the Cubase 5 does run and everything is fine, this old original eLienser is not bricked. It’s just registered by another user. I know that the seller should unregister this eLicenser from his account but he’s ignoring me and I don’t think he will do it…

I bought new eLicenser and this one is registered on my MySteinberg account. Here I have zero support (Poland), can I contact via e-mail to Steinberg Supp?

Can’t contact support / submit ticket from MySteinberg site… So is there any other possibility to get help from Steinberg?

Try calling Yamaha. Their phone number for Poland is listed here:

I called them - no chance to get any help… Any Steinberg Professional here?