License Transfer without internet connection?


I have Cubase LE 5 on an old Windows 7 laptop. I bought the upgrade to Cubase 11, which I would like to install on a newer computer. I have the dongle, and am trying to transfer the license from the Soft eLicenser on the laptop to the dongle, so that i can transfer the dongle to the new computer and activate the upgrade.

The eLicenser control panel says that ‘an internet connection is required for this process’. I REALLY don’t want to connect a non-updated Windows 7 machine to the internet, not even for 30 seconds. Is there any other option available?

Any help is appreciated.

Here’s how:
Find a computer you *do * want to connect to the internet, install the Elicenser Control Center on it, and perform the transfer.

Thanks, but I think one of us is missing something. The license is on the old computer, and as far as I can see, nowhere else. I have the eLicenser Control Center installed on the new computer (which is connected to the internet), but the Cubase LE license does not appear there, so as far as I can tell, I can’t use that machine to do the transfer. Should I be seeing something different?

I think you can do a license reactivation though. Did you check that out?

No, I did not… don’t really even know what it means :). Just trying to get things going on the weekend before I have to reach out to support on Monday.

The ‘my products’ page knows about the old license, and has the Soft eLicenser number that appears on my laptop. I see that I can click ‘Software Reactivation’, but since I don’t know what it is, I haven’t clicked it. Will it let me ‘reactivate’ the software on the newer computer?


Check out this article. You don’t need the old machine at all for this: