license transfer

Hi…looking to sell Cubase 10 Pro. Is there a transfer fee associated with that? And feel free to message me if anyone is interested, thanks.

no there isnˋt

Refer to the Steinberg resale wizard…

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So the resell wizard says to unregister and then the buyer can register the software. But then it says I should provide the original install disc which I don’t have since my license is a series of upgrades and everything was digital downloads originally and I’m including Padshop and Granular Symphonies and never had any original install disc either. I take it that the install disc is not necessary to complete the transfer. Is that correct?

The buyer would be able to download the softwares after the licenses are registered in their MySteinberg account.

Also, some softwares are available for download via the SDA without even registering. But, it’s always better to register.

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Thanks a lot!!

Hi everyone, I would also like to sell my Cubase 10 Pro because I do not use it anymore. Does any of you know a market place here on the forums? £250 with dongle