License Transfer?


Has anyone recently transferred a Nuendo license to or from someone?

I’m selling my Nuendo license and I am preparing for a license transfer. In the past, I’ve read all you have to do is call the local steinberg center (which you can’t now because you have to submit a ticket) and have them release the license so the buyer can register it on their my steinberg account.

Knowledge base has no info on this and a search of the forum didn’t turn up anything.

Thanks for any info on how to do this in 2012.

It’s easy enough to do online in your My Steinberg account. Easier if you pick up a blank key and transfer it to that to send to the buyer. You just need to unregistered your license. The buyer can then register the key and licences.

There is a good description on the Steinberg site. Just search for “transfer” - I think that should give you the page.

Awesome. Thank-you.