License trouble


I recently bought a Steinberg CI2+ USB audio interface, a package deal with the Cubase AI6 software included. I installed the software, went through a gruelling process with the e-licensing system (had to download a fix from the net) Anyways, finally got it working, and then my computer crashed. Dont know why, brand new computer with windows 8, but i had to reinstall my computer.
Basically all software had to be reinnstalled, and i began the painful installation of the Steinberg and Cubase software all over again. Well guess what? Now it wont let me start the program, since i already installed it once!!! I havent even been able to try it out!! The online system where i had registered previous to the crash, says i cant get my license back.

Also, to e-mail the company seems hopeless.

Any tips, help, anyone???

Regards Customer that cant use the product.

Need to use the new # in eLCC to re-authorize it at MySteinberg.

I dont understand what you mean, cant see any function like that??

Nevermind, deleted the old e-license and got to install it again with the new e-license code. Probably what you meant :slight_smile: