License Updated using wrong account

Hi, My name is Daniel,
I work in a post production studio.
We were upgrading our Nuendo 11 license a week ago. I upgraded the license on the elicenser, and then activated the code on the “Steinberg Download Assistant”.
The problem is that the Download Assistant was logged with another user that had any Nuendo license before, but now it has Nuendo 12 license, and the other account has only the " Nuendo 11 (upgraded to Nuendo 12 with Steinberg Licensing) " on the elicenser-based products section.

How can i transfer the license to its original user account?
Would I have to buy the upgrade again?

Thanks in advance

I have contacted the product specialist in Mexico, but he told me that he is not able to make the correction, and I would have to contact Steinberg support. I wrote them an email (10 days ago) but I still haven’t received any answer. Neither here.

Is there something I can do to get my licence transferred to my account?

Help please!

It is very annoying having to switch between accounts to use Wavelab or Nuendo, because each license is in different account.

Same happened here…

This issue must be critical for Steinberg it shouldn’t have happened.

Yeah, Steinberg has garbage customer service support. I would write an email every day, to as many Steinberg email addresses you can find.

I’ve also had no joy from support on a similar issue. From shop/accounts and customer support have both said they cant merge accounts. In my case I owned both!