License upgrade Elements 10.5 to Artist 12

I purchased the upgrade from Elements 10.5 to Artist 12. When entering my activation code in eLicenser I receive the message that says “The license upgrade you are about to perform will work only for licenses which reside on a USB-eLicenser” and that I need to transfer my Soft-eLicenser to and USB -eLicenser.

The whole reason I purchased the upgrade was that the dongle was no longer needed. I do not own a dongle and have no interest in purchasing one just to transfer the license. This was not mentioned when purchasing the upgrade. Is there any way to transfer the license without a dongle?

Beyond frustrated!

Yep I am having the exact same problem. And I upgraded for the same reason no more dongle. See my post below. elements 11 to artist 12.

Following, as I’m just about to do this, hopefully the end result will be a 2nd install on a different PC too.