License Upgrade mess

Bought Cubase Pro 12 as “Upgrade” from Cubase 11, which I thought I’d own.
Actually that was a mistake in a hustle and bustle and should have been an upgrade from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase Pro 12.

Now I don’t see how I can upgrade from the original Cubase 10 Artist license to Cubase 11 Artist first and from there to the already purchased Cubase 12 Pro. Cubase doesn’t work anymore as I wasn’t able to verify the license because of this mess and nobody ever answered to my ticket, so I try my luck here.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forum.

I guess you sent the ticket to Steinberg, but all purchases are handled by Asknet, the are behind the Steinberg Shop. You can find the information on how to contact Asknet here

They usually give you a refund, so that you can then buy the correct upgrade.

That was a real quick response. Thanks for that!

Gonna send a ticket to Asknet and see how it goes. Will update this thread for solution :slight_smile: