License Upgrade with Cubase Upgrade Issue

Having just upgraded from Cubase 5 to 6 using the excellent value upgrade pack, I was disappointed to find that I had to upgrade the license on my elicenser usb with the result that I can no longer run Cubase 5 to finish off some old projects. Now I understand the argument “why would you want to use Cubase 5 when you have Cubase 6” - well:

  1. Cubase 6 will not run on Windows XP which my desktop running Cubase 5 is, using an MI4 interface, which Steinberg have not released drivers for past XP. So, I can’t finish off my old projects in a familiar environment. In fact, I can’t do anything until my UR824 is delivered.
  2. Until I have got to grips with Cubase 6 my productivity will be seriously affected and there is no going back to the comfort of 5 should I run into problems, my safety net is gone. This may well affect my future purchasing decisions.
  3. I thought one of the benefits of elicenser usb was to be able to be machine independant whilst providing a safeguard for Steinberg not to have people using Cubase concurrently by different users.

‘Rhetorical Question’
Have I got it wrong or do Steinberg not understood the needs of ordinary customers?

‘Genuine Questions’
I presume I can transfer my .cpr files from my XP machine to my Windows 7 machine using standard file transfer, or is that doomed also?
Is there any way I should have performed the upgrade so that my Cubase 5 license was preserved as well as permitting me to use Cubase 6? I found that the steps I wanted to take during the activation were not available and I made no progress until I down loaded the new (to me anyway) eLCC and soft eLicenser.

Have you tried to install C6 into your XP machine? Or are you just saying it doesn’t run because of Steinberg’s official System Requirements?

Did you install the most current E-licenser to your C5 machine? The old E-licenser may not recognise the new C6 license.

You´ve got it wrong. Your C6 license can run any previous version of Cubase. Have you updatet the eLicenser software on your XP machine?

Like the others said, your new license should allow you to run any other version of Cubase currently available :wink:

Like Strophoid said…

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Thanks thinkingcap (and everybody else who responded and I’m sorry for what now looks like a rant!). I have not updated the eLicenser software on the XP machine. At the moment it is running Syncrosoft License Control Centre which obviously (now I think about it) cannot recognise Cubase 6. When you say upgrade, I will need to load the eLicenser Control Centre but will I also need to load the soft eLicenser as well?



Just download and install from here:

Thanks Jarno. Re your earlier message I have not tried to load C6 on the XP SP3 m/c because of Steinberg’s recommended system requirements. Are you suggesting it might run? It would be useful as I have been using an old MI4 audio card which is still pretty good but was not supplied with drivers for Windows 7, to the best of my knowledge.
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Plenty running C6 on XP. All unsupported means in Steinbergese is un-tested.

Thank you everybody, updating eLicenser on the XP m/c resolved my issue and I’m sorry for the rant!

Dave W.

And it means no official support in case of problems.

Moot point, support here is better than official in most cases. :wink: