License verification without internet connection


I do not want to connect my laptop which is using 6 to the internet. How do I get my license to Cubase 6 Artist verified or activiated without an internet connnection?

By using another computer with the elicenser application installed and the USB key plugged in to it.

you will need to get ahold of the full version, it will come with its own USB licence and will work with no internet connection

only problem is when updates are ready you will have a hard time downloading with no internet connection

I download updates on an Internet PC, then burn the file to CD ready to install on my DAW.

Just connect to the net, makes life a lot easier.

I also just did this (similar) with my Cubase 6 upgrade.

I will NEVER put my DAW on the internet - and will not advise anyone to do so merely to activate. The internet contains more viruses and diseases than any red light district - and a virus scanner on DAW can introduce a noticeable amount of overhead*.


  1. Notice when installing there was an option to register/activate offline. This may email you a link to run for ANY other pc connected to the internet.

  2. Activate on that 2nd PC then save the generated file to a cd, usb stick or floppy :laughing:

  3. Insert media into your DAW and load the file into Cubase = FULLY ACTIVATED !

    Gratz on your new Cubase !

    *Thrifty individuals may point out a dual booting system as an option. That IS an option for some. I personally would look and feel VERY silly if anyone caught me playing online games on my studio DAW :blush: - but thats just me.

It’s not that big of a deal. A couple of extra minutes is all it takes.