In this modern day and age, I was just taking for granted that Dorico would allow for seamless move between computers. Closing Dorico on one would allow me to open it on another, just like many other modern softwares. But it seems like I was wrong? I dont see how this is possible without A LOT of hassle.

Either i have to use a usb-c to usb-a dongle and then the licenser dongle and move that around with me at all times. This means I have to get a hub both for my studio computer so i dont have to crawl around in the back of everything multiple times a day, and for my laptop so i can plug in both this dongledongle and an audio interface, no working where i can accidentally break the dongle (in bed for example) and no starting at the train and finish it in the studio kind of workflow. Im… kind of… lost for words. You seem to have built a dinousaur?

Please tell me I’m wrong!

You’re absolutely correct. A replacement solution is on the cards, but it’s not here yet.

A dinosaur? If you had said it was a dragon I’d suppose you thought it MIDI-evil. :mrgreen:

I just read this in another thread… wow. Steinberg is really a huge leap backwards in terms of the rest of the digital world…

I should have checked this before jumping on this band waggon, but i never could have imagine it to be this bad! Dorico is a new program. How did they agree to implement this old and dated tech? its like running a Tesla behind two horses…

THE LEAST they could do for now, until they get this new licensing on the road (which apparently isnt going to happen until the very least v5 some 2 years down the line…) is provide us with two activations per license, as almost every other company is these days. Presonus offers 5 activations of both Studio One and Notion. Sibelius and Finale offers 2… This could not be that hard to implement if restricted to elicenser???

There does not even seem to be a good way to deactivate on one computer and activate on the other. Now i activated it on my laptop, am i stuck? If i refuse to go this obsolete dongle route, I’m actually stuck with just one computer???

If you’re not prepared to go down the dongle route then yes, you’re limited to one computer. I have absolutely sympathy, what with being a MacBook Pro owner who has to lug around a USB-C/A adaptor, but this has been discussed exhaustively - go search.

I hate dongles and iLoks too, but the background to it is that apparently iLok protected versions of Cubase have never been cracked. That must help in keeping Steinberg products viable. I’d love two activations that I could have one on laptop and one on dongle.

Niclas, if you register your Soft-eLicenser on MySteinberg, you can activate on your other computer using the ‘Reactivation’ button in MySteinberg, which will ask you for your registered Soft-eLicenser number and then provide you with a new activation code you can use on your second computer. There’s a limit to how many times you can do this to try to prevent abuse.

Hm… difference is that the iLok is usefull in so many other apps. Its universal. And also it has their soft licenser which actually work as a cloud based licenser should. :wink: also they have their cloud ilok which is taking it a step further even. I can just close the lid in one place and open it on another and keep working.

I tried to search too… but the search function seem to be coming from the era of cubase 1.0 or thereabout. I found a few relevant topics, but nothing that actually told me this in definitive letters.

I found a support page after a lot of digging where it really shined through, when it said ”if you need to use two computers and cant use a dongle you have to buy two licenses”… nice… 1200euro down the drain just to avoid a dongle?!

That is what i ment by apple-ish manors. Expecting customers to just keep pouring money down their pockets and dont care about the price…

The Steinberg eLicenser is shared between multiple Steinberg applications and VSL. It’s maybe not as universal as iLok (which arguably isn’t universal, given it isn’t used by Steinberg), but the fact remains that its uses go beyond preventing piracy of Dorico.

Hello Daniel, do you mean a limit to how many times this is possible on the same (second) computer? How long would I be able to use Dorico on my laptop away from home before I’m “cut off”?

This limit you speak of is the pivot here. I cant do this multiple times a day… Why is it that impossible to just automatically register two activations? Surely it’s not rocket science to add that bit of code to the program. Just tie them together to prevent one of them to be sold, just like EVERY other company does, appart from Steinberg.

But they do use the Softlicenser too, right?! So the dongle isnt really needed except for in very rare occations, IF Steingberg change the way they do business just a tiny tiny bit: Why not just give the buyer TWO licenses/activations and this wont be an issue. Many have two computers, one in the studio and one on the road. And EVERY other company, appart from a handful, does give you two or more to avoid these kinds of issues.

Dorico is an amazing software, dont get me wrong. Its just that this part could be better. I understand that you, the dorico devs, doesnt have anything to say about this (i guess) and is in the hands of your employer, but still…

Niclas, everyone here agrees. But these things are not in the devs hands. It is going to change… in due time