LIcenser Delays & Poor Customer Service

Why does Steinberg provide such poor customer service? I purchased Cubase Pro last month but cannot use it because my e-licenser has not arrived. Customer services inform me that this is due to ‘the Brexit’ and that delivery times of up to a month is normal. In 2 days I will have waited 4 weeks. I cannot contact the courier UPS since customer support just defaults to a generic automated response. The tracker just says UPS is holding the cargo at a secure facility, pending instructions and agreement. This message has been dispalying for over a fortnight. Why has Steinberg not made better arrangements, e.g. local supply chains?. Customer fora are full of complaints of slow delivery and of course most of their expensive software is useless withouth the licensing stick.
Steinberg is kicking its customers in the teeth and the ill will this is generating must be off the scale. I am beginning to regret buying Cubase Pro.

Sorry to hear of your delay. Don’t you think it’s a little unfair to blame Steinberg for Brexit? Even getting a local supply chain setup since Brexit would be harder and take longer. You could be having this same complaint about hundreds of different companies you could have ordered from in the EU at this point.

I don’t think that I blame them for Brexit anywhere in the post. I blame them for things they can control & poor communication. If it’s beyond their capabilty to get e-licensers out then make it possible to use the software (which I paid for a month ago) without the damn thing. Reaper do for one. Alternatively advise people that they should source the dongle elsewhere. Amazon can supply them from the UK within 24 hours. Steinberg are part of the multi billion dollar Yamaha corporation with facilities all over the world. I really can’t accept that it’s too difficult to supply these things locally. I have raised the customs issue with my member of parliament. Meanwhile Steinberg could solve their customers problems easily but they choose not to and not to communicate properly. I’m not the only person to raise the issue of long delivery times. One thing is for certain; these problems cannot be a help to Steinberg, nor are they good publicity. Especially given that many competitors have resolved these issues. There are other DAWs I could download & use tonight.

I agree with the poor customer service. I created a ticket through MySteinberg and have not received a single reply. It is a week already, while I can’t use my Cubase due to licensing problems. And I have have the physical eLicenser at hand.