Licenser error with Cubase 9 trial

I am a Cubase 5 user (yes, welcome to this decade, I know) trying out the Cubase 9 trial and running into a licenser error. While I was installing Cubase 9, I went ahead and opened my license control center and put in the activation code I was given via email. Then when I opened Cubase for the first time it tells me I have not activated it, so it prompts me to open my licenser control center again. When putting in my activation code again it tells me it has already been used (of course it has, I JUST ENTERED IT).

Apparently the program is too stupid to realize that the licenser has a license that I literally just activated but it tells me I only have 24 hours let to use the software even though the license in the control center tells me the license expires 30 days from now.

This is pretty asinine. What is the solution?

Download the latest eLicenser Control Center from here, then run maintenance tasks:

If the trial license was activated correctly, I think you can ignore the 24h warning. Which variant of Cubase 9 is this?

Also, is the program asking you to register it, not activate?

Or, you might have a 24 hour license, this is on new USB keys that come in retail Cubase Pro boxes.

This is for Cubase 9 Pro. I have an old license key that came with my Cubase 5 box.

Yeah it is still telling me I have not “activated my license permanently yet” and gives me the option of starting Cubase or opening my License control, however I noticed today that it is still telling me I have 24h 31m remaining, which is what it was about 24 hours ago, so I think I am probably OK, although that’s still pretty weird. It’s like it sees that I have a license for the trial but doesn’t fully want to accept that but it hasn’t actually stopped me from using the trial. I’m mildly curious what would happen if I let the 30 day trial license expire… is it still going to tell me I have 24 hours left forever?

I am probably going to buy it before then, but I am running Mavericks still (not sure I want to upgrade, because I’m on an older Mac Pro), and even though it’s not technically supported on this version of OSX I read that people are able to run it and I want to use it for a bit to make sure it will not give me any problems before I buy it. So far so good except for this bizarre license warning.