Licenser problems

Dorico 4 was running fine and fully licensed. Today for some reason it told me I have no license. Then the Steinberg activation Manager told me my version of elicenser was outdated. But I just upgraded it last week! So I downloaded the latest version of the elicenser again. And it gives the same message: elicenser is not up to date.

So now I can’t open Dorico 4 AT ALL.


The e-licenser should not be involved in this loop. It’s gone now, starting with 4. The problem you have is your licence (in the Steinberg activation manager) seems to be unvalid, for a strange reason (I know you, so I know you’ve updated and all…) That’s where the team has to chime in :wink:

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What does the Steinberg Activation Manager show in its list of licences?

I reinstalled Dorico and now it seems ok. But there are still some things that John Barron is looking into.

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