licenses disappeared from my elicenser

Hi all

I went to open cubase today and I get the message “no valid license found”. This is strange as it had been working fine.
First I did a reboot. Then I looked at the elicenser and is it seems that all my licenses seemed to have disappeared.

SO I logged into my steinberg account and got my activation code to re-activate the software. When I enter this information it says “No license to upgrade Selectable”

Any suggestions on how to get things back to normal??


Unplug dongle and plug it in again.
That mostly solves the problem.

Thanks that did the trick!!

Just remember that a reboot and on some systems not even a cold boot, will completely reset all hardware. Only removing the power for a few seconds does. Most motherboard leave power on the usb ports when powered down so if the device is in a locked state it will not reset by a reboot. Only complete power down or removal.

Makes sense.