Licenses Erased During Cubase 12pro Update Attempt

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,
I hope one of those familiar with the update process will step in

I will state the issue as succinctly as possible. Be forewarned some explanation is necessary to see the problem.

I purchased a Cubase 10 pro license that had a free update to Cubase 11 pro around 12/24/21.
I already had an old sychrosoft elicenser laying around so I decided to use it for Cubase. This elicenser was once used for Korg software. Even though it was older it loaded the latest elicenser firmware and accepted my licenses for Cubase 11 Pro.

I successfully used Cubase 11 pro right up until a few weeks ago when I attempted to update on the grace license to version 12 pro. Also note in my Steinberg account a grace license for Cubase 11 pro still shows up.

In the first steps to the upgrade I performed a maintenance on the elicenser software. I noted this step was one of the instructions from from Steinberg to update the license. AFTER this maintenance was performed my licenses disappeared. Could it have been my error? I am willing to concede that maybe I somehow wiped it clean. I’m not sure how, but it was erased.

My next step was to reload the elicenser with my old licenses. Numerous attempts at this ended in failure. In fact, even though my dongle was successfully registered at Steinberg, the process to load an activation code into elicenser failed after many numerous attempts the site came back telling me it didn’t see my elicenser.

Since the servers can’t see or identify my elicenser, I continue to be unable to use any function of the update process since this is what the system needs to see in order to update. Grace period checks always come up “no license found”. I am unable to reload licenses into my dongle for whatever reason to proceed with the update process.

What do you recommend?

No. There is no user error possible.

Here is a similar report: License missing after update attempt

I don’t have a solution though, sorry. Ben or Matthias might weigh in.

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Unlike this poster I do not have anything on a dongle. In fact I also lost version 11.

Hi @Timothy_Smith,

Could you please send me a screenshot of your eLicenser control center in a private message? I will talk to our support team to have a look at your eLicenser.


Hello @Matthias_Quellmann,
Yes I will do this right away.
Thank you