Licenses Missing for Cubase 5,6 and 6.5

How do I get lost activation codes? I am unable to activate Cubase 6.5

I got my elicensor information of the dongle and registered it with Cubase. I got a transaction code for a trial version. I bought the full version a year or more ago.

The last product I bought according to Steinberg was the Cubase 6 trial

What can I do?

You are saying crazy things here. Note: You can’t buy the C6 trial version, it’s free. You say you bought the full version, then in My Steinberg you will find record of the activation code and the purchase.

First I meant 6.5

And you are wrong, my activation code is missing, that’s what I stated.

I am locked out of the house, and the key is inside. Guess I’ll take this up with Steinberg directly somehow.

Is it possible you created a second mysteinberg account and that’s where the activation is?

No good here. Contact Steinberg support or your vendor. Not a lot we can do and I doubt whether any moderators could help.
You didn’t throw your activation code away did you? On one of those “unimportant” bits of paper in the box?
It’s not unknown to get that sorted but it might take time. If so, deep breath, calm and write down what you did or what you think is the matter and then C&P to an email to support. Annoying but helps to be as calm as possible when explaining.