Licenses upgrade issue

I received an email telling that I need to upgrade my pending license for Backbone as shown below

→ But when I try to update it in elicenser according to the insturction, I receive an error saying No License to upgrade selectable

→ I also noticed that I have 3 other vouchers in my account but the error is the same for them

Elicenser version I use image . I think I already did this procedure but still receiving notifications about backbone?!
I also see warning in Steinberg Activation Manager

Any advices how can I finish the activation process? And why do I have 2 backbones in activation manager as shown above? Thanks.

After pressing refres/sync button (?!), second record about Groove Agents 5 appeared that is also not activated. Is it ok?

I have the same mess with Fractals, Granuar Symphonies and Zero Gravity. I don’t know what has happened to Steinberg lately but it’s shocking!


Please let me know if you’ll have any potential soutions. Link to the thread will be just fine. Thank you.