Sorry for stupid question, in
eLicenser Control Center there are two entries:
HALion Symphonic Orchestra TrialVST SoundInstrument Set - expiring 2019-08-21
Dorico Pro 2, Steinberg SeL

Now I have Dorico Pro and HALion Sonic SE3 as well as HALion Symphonic Orchestra.
What do I have after 2019-08-21 ?
I guess that HALion Sonic SE3 is the same as HALion Sonic SE production sounds ?
I was under the impression that HALion Symphonic Orchestra was included in Dorico Pro 2…

Am I missing something ?

HSO (HALion Symphonic Orchestra library) will still work after August 21st with you, because the Dorico license comprises the license for HSO.

I´m so happy I finally got Dorico. I started out on an Atari 1040ST in 1988. Upgraded to an Atari Mega 4. After that I was working in Windows environment. Now, I have a setup with one Dell AiO in a 27" screen showing “Play”-mode + a Dell Canvas Pen & Touch 27" in “Write”-mode.
This workflow is promising to be very fast, once I get the grip on Dorico. Which will take some time. Thank you for this product!

We are glad to hear your excitement about Dorico and wish you a pleasant daily journey with it.