Licensing and Installation troubles

I have been trying for 3 days to install the Dorico 4 Pro upgrade I bought. According to Steinberg, I’m running out of time to activate my license.

I had Dorico Pro 2 installed on another computer. That computer died, and my licenser with it.

I have gone through all the steps recommended to recreate the license, without success. I’ve read the other threads on the forum, followed the recommendations, and still no success.

I very much like to spend my time writing music rather than fighting the Steinberg licenser. Can somebody help, please?

If you want our help, you should give us the specifics of what you tried. Otherwise we are completely in the dark what to suggest. If your license “died” with your old computer, I imagine you were not using the USB eLicenser and have therefore accessed your account at Steinberg where you registered your version 2 software.

What else have you tried?

Thanks, Derrek. You are right, I should give more specifics.

No, I was not using the USB eLicenser. I will fix that once I get it installed and working.

I have tried so many different things, I can’t recall everything I tried, but I’ll try to recreate the steps today and post what I have tried…