Licensing and re-activation nightmares!!

I just recently bought a new Dell computer Windows 10 upgrading from a 10 year old Windows 7. With my Windows 7 I bought a Zoom R16 Interface that came with Cubase LE 6. NO PROBLEMS!!!
After setting up my new Windows 10 I bought the Cubase upgrade from LE 6 to Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5. It has been downloaded and installed on my new computer. After being unable to activate the licensing properly and being told I needed a USB licenser I also purchased from Steinberg a new USB Licenser dongle which is currently in a USB port in my new computer. Since then neither me or my wife who is very computer savy have been able to activate my new Cubase 10.5. We are pulling our hair out!!! At every turn with activation or elicensing we are stonewalled. I try using the 30 digit activation code that came with my Cubase 10.5 download and my elicensing control center but get nowhere. The control center is showing the USB licenser and it’s showing the e-soft licenser on the elicenser side of the control center. When i click on the e-softlicenser the only license that comes up on the right side of the panel is for Cubase LE 6. There is no Cubase 10.5. When I try and register my new USB licenser I get this message: “Your eLicenser with the number [USB-eLicenser number removed] was successfully registered.Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser”??? Also when i try and enter the 30 digit activation code i get this message: “Curently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect an USB elicenser, which holds an appropriate license to your computer.” The USB Dongle is there! My wife unistalled and reinstalled Cubase 10.5 and we have tried everything. What are we doing wrong??? Finally after downloading the up to date driver for my Zoom R16 will this older hardware work with Cubase 10.5 and Windows 10? Any help is much appreciated!!!

well cubase 10.5 on mac also wont work for me after updating from Cubase pro 10.0.

see this link

i dont think its just a PC problem.

Steinberg should sort this rubbish out.


Unless I am misunderstanding… it looks to me like your CB LE6 license is on your old windows 7 and you are trying to activate a new CB Elements 10.5 upgrade from CB LE6 software on your new Windows 10 computer.

Since there is no CB LE6 license on the Win 10 PC which can be upgraded you are having problems.

The fix should be easy…
Plug in your new USB eLicense dongle into the old Win 7 PC then open the eLicense software and move the soft eLicense to the USB dongle (btw… you can’t move it back) by dragging it.

Then plug the USB dongle into the new Win 10 PC and now you should be able to activate your CB Elements 10.5.

Note that the CB LE6 on your Win 7 PC will now only work when the USB dongle is connected to it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I’d be curious to see what laptop model you had and what is the new one. Did you try upgrading your old laptop to Windows 10?
I do have a Dell XPS L702x on Win7 but not sure about trying an upgrade of OS or do what you did and get a new machine…
Thank you!

Please help!!
I have been operating my new Cubase 10.5 Elements AI with Windows 10 and a Zoom R16 interface. No real issues. Then, I downloaded some free plugins from HOFA. I had some initial difficulty getting the HOFA stuff into Cubase on the right Path but eventually got it. However in doing so somehow I watched all my VST instruments disappear in front of my eyes from my VST manager window. The only thing left is a default Synth plugin. I still have all the VST Effects but NO instruments. They are also no where on my computer in any folder or file. Just vanished. I can’t get hold of anyone at Steinberg because of Corona Virus shutdown. How do I get these stock Cubase VST plugins back into my DAW. Also on a side note…when I’m recording or playing back tracks every so often I get a “digital plurp” so to speak that might last a couple to 5 seconds and it interrupts what I’m doing. The cursor bar will stop or skip when this happens. What might this be? Thanks so much for your help!!! Chris