Licensing Confusion

Hello - I just purchased Cubase 11 Pro. I own an old version (LE 5), and I purchased the upgrade to 11.

The old version is installed on an old laptop. I am trying to install the new version on a new machine. I have tried to do various things in the Steinberg Download Assistant, and in the eLicenser Control Center, but I haven’t figured out exactly what I need to do. I imagine it might involve transferring a license file from the old machine to the new one, but I am not certain. (Oh, also, I do not yet have the hardware dongle).

Another thing that is not an issue yet, but may become one: A little while back, I purchased SpectraLayers, anticipating that I would get the new Cubase eventually. The Steinberg Download Assistant seems to know about SpectraLayers, but SpectraLayers does not appear in my list of products on the web site. I am concerned that my account (or accounts) may not be all in order.

Any help on either of these issues would be appreciated.


You will need this before Pro will run. The licenses all control what will run, not what can be download.

When you get your dongle you’ll want to register it on MySteinberg and then plug it in to the laptop that has the soft-elicense for LE and transfer that onto your dongle. Then follow the activation process you got with the purchase to upgrade the license from LE to Pro. You can go ahead and install Pro before you get the dongle to prep ahead of time - but you won’t be able to run Cubase until you have the dongle.

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