Licensing for a Corporate Video?

How much would you consider to be a reasonable licensing fee for a song that will be used in a video on how to install a particular software application? It’s not downloadable, only viewable on their support site which you must register for and be approved to access.


I would personally pick a song that’s free of charge for a video like that. It hardly matters what kind of song you put on a tutorial video, I’d say there’s plenty in the free domain.

Definitely not! You should use MY songs on those videos. And I’m ready to sell one for mentioned standard price ($143,696) :smiling_imp:

Hi Tom

It would depend on a few things, is it a one time fee, or are you going to ask for per use royalties? (you could, but one time makes more sense here)

If you are the composer, ask yourself how much work went into it, and how much you would consider it viable in the open market, and weigh it that way.


Who’s Tom? :laughing:

I’m asking because if the answer is something reasonable then I may be able to get them to license one of Philter’s songs instead of me trying to compose a crappy approximation. :laughing: Techno, which is what they want, is not my strong suit.

I’m over halfway through the video, and I’m happy with the results so far but that’s because I recognize my limitations and, therefore, have lowered expectations. Things could be far better though, I am sure.

for The coporate vids that I have written and produced music for, ( i posted one in the made in cubase forum) they have been happy to pay 900GBP for a 7 minute vid…Kevin

that’s for full and forever intellectual rights and all that stuff…

that’s how I paid for my new monitors…

What he said

I’ve done some of this kind of work (almost all for my brother’s ad firm on the West Coast). I don’t have time right now to go into detail, but on something like this Larry you want to charge a flat fee, and forgo all rights. I also strongly recommend the following:

agree to price beforehand

don’t overcharge; things are not as lucrative as they were 10 years ago

you say it’s “techno” they want… really? I’m wondering if we have differing definitions of “techno”

come up with several different offerings from which the client can chose, or at least have a couple backup samples ready in case they reject your main one

Good luck :sunglasses:

You did ask about price. The least I was ever paid was $500 for about 120 seconds of looped music. Publishing houses charge MUCH more than this, but you have to remember that they have almost always already paid their artists and have a HUGE catalog of drops and beds to offer, so their cost structure merits this. However, things aren’t as lucrative right now as they were say 10 years ago, so be careful to not set your price too high –

‘Go on, take the money and run’.

—Steve Miller

LOL - I love the Internet. It allows anyone to create a persona!

Thanks all.

Sorry Phil. Looks like they’ll be using the crappy, cheap option. (Read: me)