Licensing my trial Cubase 8 Elements

I’m trying very hard to pay for my full copy of Cubase 8 Elements. The trial is running out tomorrow and I apparently don’t exist as a customer! Every time I try to log in to my account a message says my account as Rich73UK doesn’t exist - doing it via my email address doesn’t work either. If I try to create an account it pops up as Rich73UK with the message ‘that email is already in use’. Yes, of course it is! I asked for a new password and had a reply with a temp. password to access my account… nope, that doesn’t work… I’ve run into similar problems with this eLicenser performance some time ago for an earlier version - and it’s a nightmare… but I feel that I’m not alone in this?

Thanks for listening… have a great day…
Rich Alvey UK

Keep in mind that there are 3 completely separate Steinberg related accounts:

-The shop account, which is used to buy stuff and download what you purchased.
-MySteinberg, which is for eLicenser management and support requests.
-The forum account, which is the one you’re using to post here.

Make sure you’re requesting a new password from the right place. If you have never bought a Steinberg product before you probably don’t have a shop account. You’ll have to create one if that’s the case.