Licensing nonsense from Steinberg

For some reason I needed to upgrade my Dorico in order for it to continue working…

I paid a hundred bucks or so in order to do it. Anyway… there’s all this ridiculous mumbo jumbo about eLicensing, huge long codes that won’t work or get dated. This is so unbelievable!!! I just want a refund on this nonsense so that I can forget about Dorico entirely… but I go into Steinberg help and it asks me to select a region?! I don’t see Australia anywhere, and I just want to forget abou this whole damn thing without losing my money. The elicenser is telling me that there are no software valid codes yada yada whatever to licence… GEEZ, MAN, I’VE PAID!!! GIVE ME THE PRODUCT OR MY MONEY BACK!!! NO, I DON’T WANT TO CALL A SUPPLIER. Rip off!!! and total nonsense!!! Am I alone in this mad labyrinth of problems with your company?!!

You haven’t said what version of Dorico you purchased or what computer operating system and version you are using.

If you cannot get the program to load or work, I can understand you are upset, but you have not given us the information those of us who would like to help, including reps from Steinberg who frequently monitor this forum (when they are awake in London or Frankfurt) , need to try to help you set things right.

Thank you for your kind response…

I’ll see about adding a receipt to my post, which hopefully will have all the info anyone would need.

Of course, I tried meticulously to follow all instructions that were spread all over the place… within reasonable limits of what a customer could be expected to do… to no avail.

Mac OS Ventura (but I doubt this problem is related to my operating system, unless it’s stopping this strange “eLicenser” list from populating whatever weird things that are expected to be on there.

Honestly… I feel this is one (or several) step/s too many for the average person.

My receipt:

Dorico Elements 5 Update from Dorico Elements 2 / 3 / 3.5

Follow these steps to download, install and activate

  • Download and install Steinberg Download Assistant for [Windows](LINK REMOVED) or [Mac](LINK REMOVED) if it is not already installed
  • Launch Steinberg Download Assistant and sign in with your exiting Steinberg ID or create one
  • Click on ‘Enter your Download Access Code’ and enter the Download Access Code(s) shown below
  • Select the software under My Product Downloads to get a list of download options on the right
  • Click the Download or Install/Install all button to continue

I recall that moving to the new licensing system, from 3.5 to 4.0 was involved. Although the process has been streamlined, I can understand how this shift is more complex that upgrading from 3.0 to 3.5 would be.

At which step to you start having problems?

(I had planned to sign off and go to bed, but I can hang on for a few moments.)

Thanks again!

Basically, I thought it was all resolved… in the sense that it stopped bugging me for registration info at the time of installation… but I’ve just received an an automated (no-reply, of course) email, telling me that I’ve got 14 or so days to do this licence thing on elisenser. I click the link in the email, it takes me to the elicensor, I put in the code, and there are no valid products to license. It’s paid for, installed and everything… And, as I think you can see from the fragment of receipt I was able to send, I’m not making it up or pirating anything!

Sorry about playing fast and loose with all this “license” spelling.

So you owned (and were registered for?) Dorico 3.5 or a prior version and paid to ungrade: am I correct? And you had a license held by the old eLicenser on your computer (not a USB license)?

When you purchase the upgrade, you should receive a new Access Code to enter into the Dowload Assistant (SDA).

Then you should be able to download the new version from the SDA. Is that what you did (or tried to do)? People who downloaded the software before completing the other steps sometimes had more difficulty with the process.

At some point (IIRC) the program will ask you to access the Activation Manager (SAM) in a browser to complete the authorization (unless that is the part Steinberg streamlined).

That is how I recall the process from a couple of years ago (or whenever Dorico 4 came out).

I do not know what time zone you are working from, but if you can wait a few more hours, @Ulf probably starts work in six hours and @dspreadbury two or three hours after that. I’ll hang around a bit longer, but those two are the ones most likely to be able to help, although I think Ulf’s specialty is the Audio engine.

Thank you so much… I appreciate you taking the time to go through this with me.

Unfortunately I lack the time and patience to go beyond what I consider reasonable attempts to register this product. I understand there’s a black-coloured (bigger) box, which lists products on the left… and there’s also the dialogue box thing which is where one puts one’s eLicense info into… but that shows “nothing found”

If there was a decent refund method so that people like me who think this is plain ridiculous post-payment could be looked after properly, then that would be great.

But you’ve been very informative and helpful, for which I thank you again.

I did receive a new access code, as you mentioned… but I snipped that off the bottom of the receipt that I sent you. I didn’t think it wise to post that to the forum.

Hi @Jamit , I’ve sent you a private message via this forum. Please check.

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For what it’s worth, Dorico 4 and 5 use the newer Steinberg Licensing instead of the older eLicenser, and Steinberg Licensing is much much nicer and is much more user friendly. However, the initial upgrade from 3.5 or older to Dorico 4 or 5 has to be able to read your existing eLicenser license for Dorico 3.5 and older to verify that you own it in order to set things up for you. Once your license has been upgraded from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing, eLicenser is no longer involved going forward into the future, except if you should need to run Dorico 3.5 or older again.

Thank you for the clarification on that point. Appreciated.

It looks as though everything is now in good shape with your Dorico Elements 5 license, @Jamit, presumably thanks to my colleague Ulf.

As others have explained, now that you’re free of the eLicenser system, you should find any future Dorico updates much easier to handle. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience this time out.


Thank you to you, dspreadbury, mducharme, derrek and everyone else who kindly replied. Ulf was fantastic with his support getting me back on the road. Apologies for my initial overreaction and good vibes all around.

As I mentioned to Ulf, I also use the UR44 interface, and did a lot of research of different alternatives before buying it, and the Steinberg product came up trumps in every way!

Thanks again, everyone!!