Licensing Problem (app specific)


Reasonably happy, Nuendo 12 user here but I have some things to say about its’ current operation, namely:

  • Crash on start-up, due to lack of Licensing login information in Licensing app

I use a low-powered PC, and regularly clean and optimize, due to low system resources however once operational Nuendo 12 runs fairly well.

Some optimization programs remove Steinberg login information, from the app however how it affects the licensed program is where my issue is; “crash without dialog” so will Steinberg be able to address this prior to the new whole numbered version?


What does this mean, can you explain in more detail what you are doing here?

That is something these “optimization programs” should not do, never.

Steinberg can not fix something that is obviously caused by these “optimization programs”.

Once activated, your software should stay activated. There is no internet connection necessary to check licences. Licence information is stored local after successful activation.
If this fails due to activities from other software, you can try the offline activation for this machine.