Licensing question (simultaneity)

Can I use Cubase 11 (with eLicenser) on a computer and Cubase 12 (without eLicenser) on another computer simultaneously?

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Yes, you can.

You can also use up to 3 Cubase 12 licenses on 3 different computers simultaneously.

Hello, thanks for the reply, with “simultaneously” I mean “at the same time”… The licensing FAQs page says that I can’t use three instances of Cubase 12 simultaneously on different computers (as the license is owned by only one person): I was wondering if this limitation exists also with the situation I’ve mentioned before (Cubase 11 and 12)

The eLicenser doesn’t care about your Cubase 12 activation on another computer. Cubase 11 should work for as long as the dongle is connected.

However, remember that this is still a single user license. The Cubase 11 license in your dongle isn’t intended to be used by another user as if it were theirs.

I think this just means that while you can activate Cubase 12 on 3 computers, the license shouldn’t be shared between 3 people.

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