Licensing Server woes

Probably no point in upgrading yet whilst the server is catching up after its downtime. All I’d do is sit in the queue and possibly lose access to existing 10.5. Not exactly what you want to pay your money for.

Shows how reliant we all are on the internet and related network tech. When it fails it causes so much disruption.

Anyone still having waits and retries?


If I knew that there are some problems on the server, I would not risk updating the license. But I was not aware of the problems and entered the activation code. Now I do not have a license for the previous version 10.5 pro and there is no new version 11 pro either. How do I work now?
Thank you Steinberg. Well, just thank you so much! :frowning:

UPD(13.11.2020, 8:55AM): The problem has been resolved. Activation was successful. Thanks! :smiley: