Does this use the USB e-licenser ? If not, can it be licensed on multiple machines?

You have the choice to either use the soft or USB e-licenser. If you use the soft e-licenser, it will only be valid for one machine. However you can at any time transfer it to an USB eLicenser, and then use it on any machine with that USB eLicenser.
NB: once transferred to USB, it can’t be transferred back to soft.

SpectraLayers 6 requires an activated license on a USB-eLicenser, so you can only use it on one machine at a time. This is a downgrade from the previous Magix versions, which allow two activations.

Ah thanks MrSoundman !

Hi Robin, welcome to the Steinberg forum – it’s great to see you here, and congratulations on the release of SL6!

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