Being relatively new to Steinberg and Cubase. I am wondering if I am able or allowed to use my licensed program
on only one of my computers or more than.
I have installed Cubase AI5 on my laptop for versatile and mobile recording, however, I would like to sit down in the comfort of my Music room and utilise my Desk Top Computer (more powerful) to edit and play around with Cubase.
Any one?

Yes u can.
just install cubase on both machines then just move your dongle between them.

Thank you for that andyath… mmm Dongle
New Post Dongle? and where do I find it

The USB elisenser dongle

The USB elisenser dongle.
Mine is soft elisencer, my soft ware and steinberg was in a box off shelf and did not come with a usb elisencer.
I guess I should have to copy something onto a usb to create a dongle
cheers andyath

Thats what I ment! :laughing:

Thats what I ment! :laughing:[/quote]

Yes but I know not how or what exactly to copy onto the usb to perform a trick of the Dongle :laughing:

And a very nice avatar there andyath

You just unplug the dongle from your laptop and plug it into you pc.
Your licence is on the dongle from when you first registered it to run it on your laptop.
Just install cubase and the elisenser software and your good to go.

Ahh yes I hear what you are explaining to me andyath, I do not have nor were I supplied a usb with my purchase.
I set my registration and licensing up online and received email with code etc.
So I just need now to figure out “exactly” what I have copy onto a usb to create a dongle :slight_smile:

Ah sorry I guess its a bit more tricky then I have told you then.

Sorry I can’t help you bud :wink:

That ok least your having a go I will msg Local support in Melb and they will have the answer.
Thanks for your effort andyath

No worries sorry I can’t help more.

Good luck :wink:

It is possible to transfer your existing soft licence for AI4 which is at the moment bound to just your laptop to one of these USB-eLicenser | Steinberg which you have to buy . Then it can be used on both machines .

Yep, what Dave said. You will have to spend some money on a Steinberg dongle, but once you have it it’s very easy to transfer your software license to the dongle. You can use Cubase (your version, but the license also covers all ‘lower’ versions, in your case that doesn’t really get you anywhere though :wink:) on whichever the dongle is plugged in at the time.

Thank you DaveFry
I will take a look and find out how much $'s it will cost etc.

Thank you again for your help guy’s, I have emailed some Q’s to Yam’ Melbourne. See what happens