Licensor USB C8 and C5, SX question

Hi All

I am happily using C8 on my Mac pro but want to load some old tracks on Cubase SX 3 and 5 on the PC which I used to use before I moved to the Mac. (when I load the CPRs on the mac there are so many issues, crashes and lost automation and presets it is totally unusable - I just want to access some of my old material on the machine I created them on)

When I start up SX or C5 on the PC I get lots of “Synchrosoft unexpected interface” errors and the program crashes.

Looks like I need to install the latest Synchrosoft license centre on the PC.

I am worried that if I do this and get it working will it stop my USB key working in the current Mac?

Has anybody any experience with moving the licenser between 2 machines in this way. Also will my C8 license even work with C5 and SX?

PS yes I used to use this USB key on the PC (and the old parallel dongle before that) so I don’t see why its not working now :frowning:

please help


Yes, you need the latest eLicenser software on the PC, since your current (presumably old) version doesn’t know about C8 and therefor finds the C8 license not valid. This will not change anything on your USB-key, and SX and C5 should work fine. eLicenser is simply a go-between to check for the installed software that a valid license is present.


thanks for the post - I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:



Thanks again Arjan.

I got the old PC upgraded to the latest e-licensor software and also had to upgrade to XP SP3, now working fine :sunglasses:



Great, and I’m glad I could help.