life after lion

Can anyone at cubase please tell me if its the end of the road for the embracer synth or will it come to life after the 6.0.3 upgrade?
I deeply regret upgrading to Lion-old PCC software not recognised- and for those of you who are taking the leap make sure you save lion BEFORE you do the upgrade as it will disappear!

Aloha j,
I too would love the embracer plug to be updated but I fear the worst.

From what I have learned, you can extract the Lion installer (.dmg)
if done at the right time.
Which is after the download but before actual installation.

In the last Macbreak Weekly podcast Leo Leport did it during the show.
He extracted the installer, put it on a thumbnail drive and
then installed Lion on another 'puter. All worked well.

This is all fine for installing Lion but how can one make a ‘bootable’
version (either thumb drive or DVD) for troubleshooting etc.

Still not sure about all this Lion business.

There is a bootable dmg image inside the Lion installer application package.
Here’s one step by step to create a bootable thumbnail drive or DVD.

Steve, you da man!

Major Mahalo and tanx for that link.

Sending much Aloha

I knew how to make a bootable DVD but not how to make a bootable USB stick. So thank you very much for this! :slight_smile:

Just as a foot note I have sent a message of complaint via iTunes so I will see what they have to say! Meanwhile so we are not getting away from the thrust of my point- Embracer or no Embracer?