"Life's Work" from 2018 revisited

The last track I posted here in January 2023 was called Hoping Hopes, and that track had included some attempts to do a little bit of horn arranging for softsynth brass in the company of an otherwise guitar driven song. I was happy with how that came out, and with the general reactions here and elsewhere.
That drew me back to Life’s Work again because it had been my first big attempt to broaden my compositional or arranging pallette. I’m basically a bassist and guitarist coming out of many years of playing live music, so this type of recording was a bit of a stretch. Despite that, I was happy with this recording in 2018, and I think I shared it here then.
Hoping Hopes and my (hopefully) better recording knowledge in 2023 took me back to Life’s Work, and I re-mixed/remastered the track while adding new softsynth horn and reed parts that weren’t there on the original. I’d felt the last couple of minutes of my original had meandered a bit, and lacked the focus of what had come earlier in the song. I also removed a few doubled parts, which I think opened up the mix a little better. I now believe that aspect of the song and recording is better.
If you give this a listen, thanks, and I’d be happy to know if it might work a bit better than it first did.