Lifetime subscription with current yearly subscription

Maybe already explained, an apology if I did not read the correct post, if I currently have the dorico iPad annual subscription and want to move to the lifetime subscription, should I wait until the end of the current subscription, cancel? If I cancel now is any amount refunded?

Hi Martin.
Not answering your question, but in case you have not seen that: there is going to be a summer sale that should make the lifetime unlock even more interesting than it is now. My advice would then be: wait and see!

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If you cancel a subscription in the App Store, your subscription will continue until the end of the period you have paid for. So you could cancel your annual subscription today and it will continue working until the point at which it would have renewed. There are no refunds for the unused portion of a subscription period: instead, you keep your subscription until the end of the period for which you’ve paid.

There is a problem with the lifetime unlock in-app purchase that we are still waiting for Apple to help with, unfortunately, so at the present time it cannot actually be purchased in any case.

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Is this lifetime unlock problem resolved? In that case, can I cancel my yearly subscription and just rely on my lifetime unlock purchase?

Yep. Or you can wait the subscription ends and then pay the lifetime subscription


We’ve heard there was going to be a sale for Dorico. I don’t know whether Dorico for iPad is concerned, but I would choose to wait, since it won’t change anything for you while your subscription is running.

Thanks! I bought the lifetime solution in the summer sale.