Lift the VCA, FX and Group channel amount limits


There are following channel amount limits (in Cubase Pro version):

  • VCA - 32

  • FX - 64

  • Group - 256

It would be cool, if these limits could be lifted to unlimited or something ridiculously high. Group channel limit (256) is not really an issue for me personally at the moment (which could change in the future as my project template grows), but VCA and FX channel amount limits could definitely be lifted. Especially the VCA channel amount limit.

I know, that there is a workaround of using them sparingly or not at all :laughing: , but it tends to be quite frustrating to be handicapped by these limitations. Not very pro for a version of Cubase Pro :confused:

P.S. - A related suggestion: FX and Group channels could be combined into an Aux channel, as their capabilities are nearly identical these days, but I guess that’s a topic for another Feature Request.

Best Regards,


there’s a work around the VCA limit if you use add selected tracks to VCA. seems to work fine so far.



256 Groups limit can be limiting sometimes :slight_smile:

Sometimes it happens I reach the limit in complex stem based templates, where each stem has its own set of effects.
It forces me to limit the FX busses on the templates, which can be a good thing sometimes, but generally it works against the concept of Templates