Ligatures and time signatures

Hello everyone,

I see in Dorico options that ligatures may depend on time signature (see my attached picture).
Is it possible to customize ligatures in order to have the same ligatures (left hand, bass clef) in measure 2 as in measure 1 in my example ?

In cut-common time, Dorico uses half note (minim) beats, which means that it will beam 16ths (semiquavers) in groups of eight rather than in groups of four.

Probably the best way around this for now would be to add a 4/4 time signature the bar after your cut common time signature and hide it via the ‘Hide time signature’ property, then fix the beaming only in the first bar of the cut common time signature; all subsequent bars will be beamed as you wish because under the hood those bars will use a 4/4 time signature.

Thanks Daniel !
It works. But how to fix the beaming in cut common time, I didn’t see the option even in engraving mode ?

Select some notes, right-click and you’ll find a Beaming submenu.

Great !
Thank to both of you.
It works fine for me now.
Daniel, maybe we could have more options for beamings in the future of Dorico ?

I’d like to support this request. Beaming sixteenths by the quarter-bar in 2/2 is similar logic to beaming eighths by the half-bar in 4/4, where the usual beaming is also contradicted. In practice, these time signatures may be beamed identically, so it would be be great if it were an option without manual beaming.

I am certain that we will spend more time in this area in future, though I can’t promise exactly when it will be.