light color theme in cubase elements 10

Hi, I have cubase LE 9.5. My problem is it is too dark for me to use, hurts my eyes and I get a headache.

I’ve adjusted the color of it as light as i can do but it’s still too dark for me.

Is it possible that cubase Elements 10 has more color adjustability so I can use it.

So far I haven’t even managed to test out my cubase 9.5 elements and have been looking for another DAW I could get that would be easier for me to view.

I don’t really want to pay £42 just to upgrade to the 10 elements because it’s only the color of the program that I can’t use. The pity of it is that I haven’t even been able to test it out yet so I don’t know if is for me or not.

I’ve had it over a year now, any ideas.


What exactly is too dark? The background and most of the areas could be completely white.

As far as I know there are no more colour settings in Cubase 10. You can download Trial and try yourself.

I would love to see light theme too…

How is this?

A little gray looking but it works.

You can make it more colorful. I like it gray and drab, it helps me focus on the work.

Just spend some time configuring colors so you can see how it works. So many complaints, yet people seem to not have explored the prefs.

I just could never make it look as natural as the past versions of Cubase, and I did try.

It might be my fault, but a nice looking light preset out of the box would still be a good solution then.