Light Theme

Everybody wants a light theme, we’re in 2019, come on guys.
The personalization pallete Cubase offers sucks hard.
We want a pre-designed Light Theme, with consistency in the mixer and all other areas.
A light theme and a dark theme, like the new Windows 1903 build offers, should be enough.

Found this pic in an old thread, loved it.

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Yup totally Agree, I’m colour blind, so the current Anemic Pallete really sucks!

+1 My eyes don’t work well with dark themes.
It is actually possible to change a lot of colors to e.g. a lighter gray, but as the font color isn’t changeable from white, it doesn’t help.
This has of of course been requested over and over.

I would also love if there was an option between a light or dark theme.


Dark simply ain’t right or enjoyable for many people. What would be great would be to offer choices of light, as the OP says, that affect everything.