Lights Fade Low: Two songs, two vocalists, Two moods

I wanted to share a couple of tracks with you that I wrote/performed/produced recently.

Tonight, I released an edgy, dark, sexy track that’s a duet between me and a fabulously talented singer named Aradia.

Hurricane | Lights Fade Low

In contrast, my last track features a new vocalist, Gina Seal, and is a more contemplative, quiet piece:

Small | Lights Fade Low

Both made with Cubase… more info available on production techniques if anyone is interested…


Not the sort of music I would normally but but both tracks are sounding top notch to me. :sunglasses:


Excelent, Hurricane is cool but the amount of low freq energy did tire my ears at the end.
Small is really good!

Thanks for the kind words!

On the low frequency energy, I’m getting more and more comfortable pushing the envelope here as I’m hearing more and more commercial music do the same and also now that I have an acoustically treated room I am less scared of overpowering the bass in a way I don’t intend. However, Hurricane does ride the very edge of what is acceptable, even with my new-found confidence in driving the low end.

VVVeeeeerrryyy interesting songs and arrangement…quite hypnotizing…are you Nico’s daughter ?..Kevin

Sorry…just realised your a guy using a girl singer,…

Love both tracks – quite creative and interesting. Good luck getting this “out there” :sunglasses:

Thanks guys! Of course with the music industry the way it is, not quite sure how things get ‘out there’ as you put it. One of my older songs will show up in a dramatic scene in an upcoming independent film but of course it’s not a paid placement.

I’ll take what I can get :wink:

Nice, as long as they put your name somewhere small in the ending credits you win :smiley:


Both tracks sound good!

Thanks guys… yes, they’ll put my credits and whatever else I ask (i said If you have any other suggestions, I’m happy to hear them!

Excellent cuts nice productions I too am unsure of low end on Hurricane and Small but it doesn’t annoy me. Did you u try any m/s or multi-band compression for those 60-90 frequencies? My only other thought would be female vocal up a couple of DB or bass down a couple of DB. its hard to make vocal in whisper parts for me. Great writing and sounds. Share some of plugs used with us.
Curios is BandCamp a pay service. I really like the way it looks and the ability to have 320/flac etc. I will research it but it would be great to get some insight from you as I really like the way you’ve laid out page. Does it link to your website?


I intentionally pushed the bass a bit more for the following reasons: I have now adequately treated my room with more fiberglass than you can imagine so I now have a feeling that I can accurately judge bass where I didn’t before, and I feel that the tracks on my EP are weak on bass and sound flat or thin because if it. But I knew it was an experiment. I like the way it sounds when you can feel the bass and when I get ready to put them on my next EP, I may tune the bass further. I’m curious as to what track you had trouble hearing the vocal on as I think they stand out surprisingly well even in the dense mix that I had for Hurricane.

Bandcamp is free. They take a percentage of your sales. They take WAV upload and generate MP3 and all other formats customers want and you can set them up as your site or use them as just the music sales site.