Liist editor keeps expanding

Ok so I am very new to cubase but understand midi file editing the issue every Time I make a small change in the inspector panel and then export the new version of the midi track as a type 0 midi the next time I import the song and look at the list editor it may have two or three extra CC and program changes in it so I have to keep deleting the extra ones
My normal way of working.
Set up

My CC to 32. And data 1 to 3. Which configures the native sounds of my module
Set CC 0 data 0 Which allows me to set variation of instruments if required
Then do Program change and select the midi instrument

I then remove any un needed information for other sound modules.
Clearly there are volume and pan controls along with reverb and chorus control

If I then use inspector which is setup for my midi device in this case the SC 88 PRO and use that to change instruments it automatically sends the info to my sound module no issue it’s better than searching the module for a different sound I then use freeze to lock in the change this adds the CC and prog changes to the track but does not remove the original so I then have multiple edits in list editor
When I then export the midi file as type 0 it seems to add any new control and program changes to the list editor so it keeps getting bigger Whilst it all still works the file size will keep getting bigger

I hope this makes sense
Any way I can stop it from happening would be helpful


Do I understand you right, your expectation is, Cubase would delete MIDI CC0, MIDI CC32 and Program Change MIDI messages in this case, to make sure, there are not doubled?

I can imagine, Cubase doesn’t do this because of security reasons. Cubase would delete something by itself without users knowledge. I wouldn’t find this good myself.