Like a Bolt Right Out Of The Blue

All of a sudden my complete Komplete 11 is blacklisted and there seems to be nothing i can do about it, WTF Steinberg? I updated to 9.5.4 to see if this would resolve the issue, but no, no it didnt, whats going on guys? The plugins are 64bit so why the hell are they blacklisted?



There is probably something wrong with the plug-ins. Any (hidden, silent) NI update?

NI plug-ins are still VST2. What the hell, NI?!

Those are not blacklisted on my DAW & appear to work fine.

Hi All

Ditto what Raino said, Komplete 11 working fine here.

Best Regards, Dave

I find if it installs a vst3 version it then blacklists the vst2 one

Do you have the latest NI updates installed?

Is it installing a 32 bit version also?

Well well well - what happened was this, I updated to Cubase 9.5.4 and that update removed the link in the plugin manager to the 64bit VST3 versions of my NI Instruments, how clever Steinberg, WTAF?