Like C7 ALOT

After three days of C7 demo I can honeslty say I prefer C7 over C6.5. It is slick. I use the strip all the time. Mixing with the EQ in the strip. Asio guard is good with al lot of track and buffers around 512 (for simplle computers as I have). VST amp has a stereo cabinet solution. I have the colours exactly as I want them. MR816x works. I enjoy not having 3 party pluginz. It has not crashed a single time. I really like that mediabay is always on top. It is fun to drag audiofiles from mediabay to Loopmash 2. mediabay feels quicker too. Grove agent one is really useful and the chord track is magic for creativity.

I only have to grips:
Beat designer is too DARK. i cant se the strips. Make i more gray or blue. Not completely black!
There should be an option to only have graphic EQ in the strip. NOT the 4 eq sections. It take to much time to scroll down.I love to use the eq but when scroll down i take to long time ro reach the strip.
Other than that > C7 is GREAT!

sorry but i had to :smiling_imp:

At least someone responded…with ALOT :wink: