Lil fixes can be soo nice. UV22 & Export d/log box

Aloha guys,

No biggy but two lil fixes that are to me really nice.

1- UV22HR. The default setting is now ‘16’ where
it was previously set to ‘20’.
No biggie but that setting was something that I had to
remember to change when using the plug.

2- The export dialog box now seems to remember
what song it is exporting.
Previously if I exported song ‘a’ then saved,
quit Cubase. open song ‘b’
and then try to export song ‘b’, the export name (and all other settings)
in the d/log box would be the same as for song ‘a’.
C7 seems to now remember which setting go with which song.

Big changes can be very nice but it is also the
lil touches that can provide a quality ‘fit and finish’ product.

Tanx Steiny!

Yeah I could never work out why the UV22hr defaulted to 20 bit!!! whoever used 20 bit?

It’s now possible to save your own default preset for any plugin. On clicking the cube icon to the right of the preset menu there’s a new entry ‘Save as Default Preset’. Though I ranted a lot already about lost stuff this is a really nice and helpful addition :sunglasses:

The export dialog has a drawback instead. I use to name my projects ‘example_4.5’ etc., including a dot in the numbers. When I use ‘Set to Project Name’ now, anything behind the dot disappears (worked before) :unamused: Should get used to leave the dot out but that’s a really old pawlow style habit of mine…

Those 2 are nice indeed :slight_smile:. Especially the 2nd one always annoyed me.
Not getting 7 just yet though, patience is a virtue.