lil suzie

Not been here before guys but love this place. This is something I done a while ago the left it as I normally just like to get the ideas down, then move on. I myself hear lots of stuff to do, and will do it buuuuut before I start I’d love to hear your in put :slight_smile:

Really like that sort of wide open sound you’ve got…like the the guitar sound and the riff, the Vox is way way too low and sounds like some vox is missing, sort sounds like your only singing the M8…great potential for a really good song.

welcome to the forum…best, Kevin

Great ok so if you think I’m singing a middle 8 the I should put a hook sort of verse and bring up the vox . I think the compression is all wrong . But this for me will be a good project to see if I can follow instruction :mrgreen:

I said it sounds like your singing a M8 only because you don’t appear to be singing anything else…definitely needs more structure if it’s supposed to be an actual “song” , ie verse chorus and if poss an M8 though nowadays an M8 doesn’t seem to be obligatory, (I try to fit one in if I can think of one )
you’ve definately got a good sound goin on and potential for a good song…worth working on :slight_smile:
but bring the vox up :wink:

dunno about your comp but if it sounds good it don’t really matter IMHO

good luck…Kevin

am i listening to the correct track ,is it the one with nearly a million listens . :laughing:

the link doesn’t seem to be working anymore :slight_smile:

It’s ok here but it doesn’t have that wave graph, had to press the arrow to the left :slight_smile:

Nope…when I click on the link I get the opening page of Soundcloud… :frowning:

I’ll put it up again though at this point I have not got to it yet .Thax for the heads up.

Hope this one is ok, at least this one has the wave (wav) file. Again thanx for the heads up :wink:

OK got it…had another listen, definitely like the atmosphere of the track, still think it needs a “verse” and the vox bringing up. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: