Limit number of players on one staff when condensing

I can’t tell you how much I love the condensing feature. This is such a huge game changer, something like when dynamic parts came to Sibelius. :heart::heart::heart:

After having finished about 20 condensed orchestral scores I find myself doing the same manual adjustments in all scores:
Adding manual groups to prevent Dorico from condensing more than two instruments into one staff.

To prevent this it’d be so great if there would be an option to limit the number of players to be condensed into one staff.

We aren’t planning on adding this option specifically, but we are planning on adding an option that will prevent Dorico from producing a true unison, i.e. a single stem for multiple players. If you can only ever have two stems on the staff and you cannot have multiple players on either of the stems, then you can only have a maximum of two players on the staff.

Thanks Daniel!
Sounds lika a good solution, even though I like a2, since the score gets less cluttered. To me, as a conductor, the most important thing is to get a consistent layout where all pages looks pretty much the same layout wise. (No hidden staves when empty, the same number of players on the condensed staves etc.)
One of the most terrifying examples of his may be the West Side Story score, where it’s almost impossible to follow one player from one page to another.

Thanks again for a great update! :heart: