Limit on # of plugins hosted - a way to find out how close project is to that limit?

I’m still on Windows 7 and a plugin dev told me there is some kind of limit as to how many plugins can be hosted by a DAW.

I think this was expanded with Windows 10, but im curious, what exactly causes this limit, what is the limit, and is there a way to find out in the DAW how far towards the limit is the session getting?

It would be great to know for the purpose of building big templates with plugins pre-loaded, if the DAW could somehow measure and keep track of this and show us how much plugin space is currently taken up.

I believe it is not simply the number of plugins, but how much space each occupies (even if they are disabled). You will know once you cross this threshold because you will no longer be able to add plugins, and or, it will show the plugin as ‘Not Licensed’ via iLok/

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The limit is 4000+ on newer windows10.
The plugin is no longer needed. Also, it only counts up to 128. I tried to update it but acquiring that many slots often caused crashes, so I gave up.


Even though 4000+ is more than probably anyone will ever need (4000 / 16 inserts is 250 tracks although that’s only if each plugin took one slot. Most people don’t use all 16 inserts per track)… It could still be useful if Steinberg gives us this information in the plugin manager - showing us per plugin what they take, as well as in total how many are used and left

Mind you, it’s entirely possible someone with a good enough system, could have a 1000 track template with all their go to plugins loaded… so maybe someone could reach 4000, especially if some plugs take more than one slot.

It’s about unique plugins. If you have the same plugin loaded multiple times it still counts as one.

hmmm, interesting. thought I was just encountering an FLS problem, but if what you say is true… then maybe it isn’t an FLS issue. Maye an iLok issue or plugin issue.