Limitation using ICONICA OPUS

Bought Ionica Opus license I found that the notes, for all sounds, on the Halion keyboard are limited, keys in gray.
I do not understand this limitation IMPOSED by Steinberg justifying what is the range of an instrument.
I think that this IMPOSITION has no reason to exist, the right and the choice to use a sound of an instrument, allow me Gentlemen of Cubase must be my choice.
I did not see anywhere that it was this limitation otherwise, sincerely, I would not have spent 500 € !!!
The demo that I saw, at no time showed that the keyboard did not have all the notes available.
What am I looking for?
An update of IONICA OPUS quickly and have an extension to use the full keyboard by removing the gray keys.
On the other hand I don’t understand why this limitation exists for a violin from IONICA and not for a violin included in HALION? Extremely contradiction that have no JUSTIFICATION.
Sorry Gentlemen of Cubase you should notify this limitation during your demo, so, I do not find it correct.
Sorry but I’m extremely disappointed.

Sorry, but most high end libraries don’t allow you to play notes outside of the instrument’s natural range. If you load a Violins I and a Cellos preset to draft an orchestral piece (just an example), you probably don’t want to hear violins in the cello range. Having the gray keys saves minutes of setup.

For presets that cover the whole keyboard, try the Iconica Ensembles presets that are included with your Iconica Opus purchase.

All decent orchestral libraries are like this.

Thank you very much for your answer
Sorry but If I want play out of the range would be my choice and cannot be imposed by Steinberg.,
Any way I opened a ticket to reject my purchase
Other VST “high level” professional don’t have this limitation.
I will consider this issue on my next purchasing with Steinberg
Sorry but I am really disappointed
Best Regards

Yes, they absolutely do. I don’t know what else you’ve been using and how old it is, but for the past 15 years just about every orchestral library either doesn’t play anything outside of the instrument’s natural range or they play another instrument from the same family (like Iconica’s Ensemble presets).

This is how the majority of professional composers expect their libraries to work. Sorry, but it’s not Steinberg’s fault if you’re expecting a high end library to behave like a 2007 keyboard workstation optimized for live shows.

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Well Romantique
I am not a professional musician, I am an old man retired and play music just for pleasure, killing time at my age is important to wait finally the end.
You are right because you are thinking as professional but what I am doing music ONLY for my own pleasure.
On the other hands I don’t understand why should be Steinberg to choice for me.
Playing in a range which the specific instrument must play OK great but what I am saying is different. I must establish this range not Steinberg.
I consider it a limitation
With Halion 6 i am playing all instrument, however I am not crazy to play a CELLO in a range between C4 and C8 but almost C1 and C3.
I decide which notes to use not Steinberg.
Hope I clarify the issue

Synths and cheap orchestral libraries may allow playing outside of natural ranges but good ones just don’t I’m afraid. Steinberg are not the only ones to do this.

Different Libraries may record different ranges, so it’s possible that you may use one Library that has a larger or smaller range than another for the same section.

I have multiple libraries installed. They are not all identical, so how this comes across to something has a lot to do with their expectations juxtaposed against their experience with other similar libraries.

I’ve used a few Orchestral Libraries that couldn’t play through Vivaldi’s Four Seasons because the key ranges were too limited. Low or high notes were cut out, as a result.

I don’t think anyone expects to have Grand Piano range on a Violin Section :wink:

Just as Gennaro I’m using Iconica for hobby. Now working on a Mahler symphony.
But getting the score in Cubase is giving me problems, because a lot of instruments in Iconica
don’t have the range, mainly in the upper register.
And I’m sure that Mahler knows what the live instruments can play!
Will there be an update on Iconica that solves this problem?

Answer is the same.

I do think it’s a bit hilarious that something as expensive as Iconica Opus has this issue, though. Definitely it was done to reduce the amount of work, since usually it’s the soloists that end up with the notes that fall out of the library range.